The Approach


Reinvest in a professional process


The way I work is simple. I provide solutions, not options. Working as a consultant and with a  transparent process—I function within the provided goals and constraints along with the mediums, the applications, and target audience to be considered. The balance of these limitations is key to creating your aesthetic. Let me iterate, if you the client is seeking options, White Wall isn’t who you wish to hire. Designing for our client isn’t the target, designing for the client’s target audience is. I design content, and as a professional creator, I do not subject others in decisions that pertain to my job. It is required that those who work with WW thoroughly comprehend this distinction. Quick to challenge the obvious concepts and ideas—fast slab stick solutions isn’t where my experience lies. Information about your market and your current competition or even a particular business I should look into would assist in discovering more value for you. The reason for this is to understand the overlaps of these business’ and really understand how we can set you apart from the other established competitors. This entire process ensures both parties about the quality in the deliverable.


Professional’s Responsibilities.
I am responsible for the design—including any and all creative decisions. White Wall’s real value is the artistic expertise in creating an objectively-designed identity/product. Selecting the most effective concept is a creative decision—one that you should not subject to the client. As a professional, I provide solutions for you. The content designed explores many paths in order to hone down to one final concept based on what will be most effective for the project goals. This single, refined end product that is provided is an intentional solution to our client’s goals. We only aim at producing exceptional works. This is only possible if there is an expressed trust in our process and approach. I am selective in the clients that I take, in order to ensure the producing in the highest of quality. The solution provided is the best answer to your creative problems. I can assure to meet all your project goals and constraints while not lower any quality. This time-tested system is responsible for producing the best caliber of works.


once all goals and constraints have been reviewed and taken into consideration

Your Responsibilities.
The way I work is simple and uncomplicated for you. As the client, you are only responsible for two things and two things only. Content & Goals. White Wall would acquire these before the start of any project and would remain constant; they do not change. An effective identity is the result of an objective process. It is imperative such process be done by a professional, as such the process is timeless. The devote days designing in thought, paper, screens or even away from the studio—I am always creating. This entire process aims to create the best and most and valuable solution for your project goals.