It is perhaps a question you don’t even know you’re asking, but rather a realization of a void; a space in which needs to be filled with something in order to gain life or at least something that others can register as such. And many say that content makes form or form creates content, and they’re correct in that there is an symbiotic determinism between these two things regardless of what which one they believe is a predecessor of the other. Which leads to the question- what do you see when you see a white wall?

What within the imagination starts to stir and bring forth the conversation of what could be, and what part of you twitches to converse and best stain the pregnable space with life created from the realm of the imagination? And sometimes the space takes it time to say what it wants, yet it does want something, trust me. A white wall is so much more than it says it is and yet it needs someone to tell others what it’s trying to be. So when you see a white wall what you do to tell others what’s really there?

This is perhaps what is daunting about what we choose to see and then place with our vision. While some could say this is another means of contamination, and wonder what has brought forth the need to fill up the world with more, you’re simply managing what is already there in a way that it’s value is apparent to others. So when you see a white wall does your heart start to quake in your fingers? Do your eyes start to flutter from the scale and spectrum of its length and map accordingly the geography of the art it needs in order to navigate and steady its course? Does a rhythm fill up the silence and dilute the empty breathing canvas with a hum? Do you suddenly see the film that starts to develop and hang there in its narration?

I want to know, what do you see when you see White Wall?